New junior members

Eastcote is a thriving club and we are very happy to welcome new players to Eastcote but please be aware that we are oversubscribed in most age groups.

If you’re interested in applying for a juniors membership, please contact the Junior Committee. When doing so, please have the child’s name and their school year in September to hand.

If we have spaces, you are welcome to attend for two weeks to make sure that you enjoy the club.  After that you will be asked to join and pay the subscription.

First session

In the first two weeks of the new season there will be an ‘admin desk’. Please come along ten minutes before your session starts and find out where you are training. If you are joining during the season, please come along to your session and ask a coach to direct you.

You will need to leave your contact details on a pre-registration form so that we can get in contact with you.

The club has a free two-week trial policy so that you can be sure your child wants to join. After this time, we ask you to pay your annual subscription and formally join the club.

What you can expect from us

  • Training is for one hour by a qualified coach and assistant. All coaches are DBS checked.
  • Training will start on time and finish on time.
  • Our coaching sessions are fun, constructive and will progress your child through from the basics to as high a level as your child wants to achieve
  • Each age group has a Team Admin Person (we call them TAPs), and they carry out the admin for that age group. A TAP is your main contact person.
  • Where age appropriate, we field competitive teams and are involved in festivals competitions and leagues
  • Some age groups have selected teams; coaches realise that this can be stressful, and selection will be carried out sensitively and following our selection policy

What we expect from you

  • Arrive to train on time and collect your child on time. Please make sure your child trains with shin pads and a gum shield.
  • That your child is respectful to the coaches and other players.
  • After two weeks of trying out the club, please pay your subscriptions and officially join up by completing a registration form. Let your TAP know you’ve paid.
  • Once you’ve joined up, your child should train in the Eastcote colours and kit.
  • Sign up for the weekly newsletter as it has a full Juniors update.
  • When a TAP contacts you, please reply as soon as possible so that they don’t have to chase.

Subscription rates

We are currently awaiting confirmation of sub rates. As a guidance, you cand find view last year’s rates by clicking the link below…

Fees & subscriptions

How to pay

Members have two ways to pay…

Lump sum

  1. Paid electronically to Barclays. If paying online, please email your TAP to let them know you have paid.
    1. Sort code – 20-67-83
    2. Account number – 50098140
  2. By cheque made out to ‘Eastcote Hockey & Badminton Club Ltd’ and handed to your TAP. Please put your child’s full name and age group. We require separate cheques for each child.

We do not accept cash payments.


  • 3 x £45 Junior U13
  • 3 x £50 Junior (13-17yrs)

Pay electronically as above or by or 3 post-dated cheques, handed to your TAP. Please put your child’s full name and age group on each cheque. We require separate cheques for each child.

We do not accept cash payments.

Need more info?

If you’d like to learn more about junior membership here at Eastcote, please email