Fees & subscriptions

The club operates on the basis of an annual membership fee plus match fees for each game played by a member.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all relevant charges, regardless of whether you’re an Adult or Junior member.

Match fees

The match fees for the 2022-2023 season can be found below and should be paid through the Spond app on match day. Match fee includes post-match food.

Saturday & Sunday League, Cup & Friendly
Adult £10
Student £0
Junior (Under 18) £7
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Adult £7
Student £5
Junior (Under 18) £3
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Membership subscriptions

The following subscription rates are applicable for the 2021-2022 season. The discount rates are available for existing adult members who pay before the 31st October, and new adult members when paid in full on joining. Payment after these times will be required at the higher rate.

Subscription rates as of 1st September 2021 Paid by 31st Oct Paid after 31st Oct
Adult £200 £230
Goalkeeper with own kit £0 £0
Student £140 * £170 *
Graduate (1st year grad) £140 £170
New mums ** £140 ** £170 **
Social £100 £130
Junior (13-17 years) £140 N/A
Junior (U13) £130 N/A
Junior goalkeeper with own kit £0 £0
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* But no winter season match fees payable

** If you have a child under 2

Please note – due to waiting lists, Junior subscriptions must be paid by 29th September, otherwise the Junior will lose their place.

How to pay

For Adults we use a service called Membermojo to handle this. Click here to start this process. For Juniors click here